18 hectares of vineyards divided into four plots located in the valley lying between Fuenmayor and Navarrete. Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo more than 30 years with production limited to 5800 kg/ha share the clay soils of these plots.

Vineyards in irrigated valleys tend to produce large amounts of grapes whose quality can only be assured with strict controls to limit production, such as pruning, thinning and green harvests, all of which are undertaken at Bodegas Vallemayor.

This allows us to guarantee the quality and health of our grape production from irrigated plots, for very fine wines that are perfect for the Vallemayor blends.

10 hectares of vineyards located on a beautiful unirrigated slope between Fuenmayor and La Puebla de La Barca.

El Bujed is a plantation of white Viura vines more than 45 years old and a production between 6000 and 8000 kg/ha. Recently added 5 hectares of Viura and Sauvignon Blanc.

This magnificent vineyard with sandy loam soils produces the bulk of the grapes used for our Vallemayor young white, with its unique cleanliness, fruity aromas and velvety mouth.

8 and a half hectares divided into three plots located in the municipality of Navarrete.

These are the youngest vines we have in Rioja Alta. Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo vines between 15 and 20 years old share the chalky clay soil of this plots, with a limited production of 5800 kg/ha to ensure our quality requirements are met.

Also known as Pago de Bustillo, this is the most noble vineyard and the pride of our winery.

The vineyard occupies almost 5 hectares of chalky, stony soils on a hillside facing south-southeast at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level. A great plot of unirrigated land between Fuenmayor and Logroño.

Harsh weather conditions and Tempranillo vines that are over 50 years old naturally limit the production of this plot to 4000 kg/ha.

This limitation allows us to obtain a degree of concentration and structure that are not easy to find in the wines of our region. As a result we can subject the wines to long ageing periods of 18 months in new French oak and obtain our VIÑA CERRADILLA, which is one of the most warm and powerful wines produced at Bodegas Vallemayor.

5 acres of Tempranillo divided into 4 plots (Tahola, Camino de Logroño, La Losa and Encinedo) in the most noble of the unirrigated land stretching between Fuenmayor and Logroño.

Chalky clay and stony soils that harbour vines over 40 years old whose production is limited to 5000 kg/ha to achieve the intensity that we need in the Tempranillo grapes to make our Viña Encineda wine.

Thanks to the excellent conditions of these vineyards, we obtain a wine with exceptional varietal character, that is both meaty and velvety.

A small vineyard covering one and a half hectares on an unirrigated plateau between Fuenmayor and La Puebla de La Barca.

This vineyard rises like a natural viewpoint above the river Ebro as it passes through our land and provides chalky clay soils to our 70-year-old Viura vines, which are also the pride of our winery.

These extremely old vines yield 4000 kg/ha. The Viura grapes acquire here their highest expression and aromatic complexity, which also include notes of ripe fruit, candied pears and walnuts.

These are the right conditions to develop small annual productions of our Vallemayor barrel-fermented white.

14 hectares of young Tempranillo vines (10 years old) located in one of the noblest wine-producing areas in Rioja Baja. This large vineyard is the latest land investment made by our winery. It is located next to the old road to Rincón de Soto, in the municipality of Calahorra.

Its fertile chalky clay soil is going to be subjected to strict limitations in production to obtain Tempranillo wines with a unique varietal expression and aromas of liquorice that will be perfect for our Señorío de la Luz young wine blends.